You may have heard the term dopamine dressing, but what does it actually mean? It simply means dressing for joy! Research has shown that wearing bright and colourful pieces boosts the happy hormone, dopamine.

Online personal styling service Stitch Fix found over a third of British people say wearing bright colours actually does boost their mood.

"People are certainly realising how clothes can be used as a tool to elicit lifts in mood. In fact, Stitch Fix’s research revealed that almost half of us (48%) experience an improved mood just by wearing an outfit we feel confident in,"
says Shakaila Forbes-Bell, fashion psychologist and founder of Fashion is Psychology.

Colour is here to stay, but does it really boost your wellbeing? Research has shown that colours can elicit specific emotions. By understanding how colours can lead to you experiencing these emotions, you can effectively choose clothing that gives you a positive dopamine response.


The Power of Colour in Dressing

Colour psychology is a fascinating field that explores the impact of colours on human behaviour and emotions. Different colours have been found to evoke various feelings and moods. For example:





Known to boost energy levels, confidence, and happiness. It's a vibrant colour associated with sunshine and positivity. Our Yellow Floral Swing Dress is the perfect choice for days when you want to radiate positivity.




green long sleeve maxi dress


Symbolic of nature and tranquillity, green is ideal for when you want to rest and relax. It's a calming colour that promotes harmony and balance. Try our Green Spot Empire Waist Midi Dress during a weekend break.




Blue maxi dress with sleeves


Often associated with the sky and the sea, blue is said to boost creativity and productivity. It's a soothing colour that promotes clarity and focus. Our Blue Animal Smock Waisted Midi Dress is perfect for days when you need to tap into your creative side.




Purple Floral Wrap Maxi


With its regal associations, purple is known to evoke sophistication and imagination. It's a colour often associated with luxury and creativity. Our Purple Floral Wrap Midi Dress will make you feel empowered and elegant, enhancing your sense of self-assurance and creativity.




Floral Jumpsuit with red and black pattern


Bold and passionate, red is the colour of confidence and excitement. Wear our  attention-grabbing Red Floral Flutter Sleeve Jumpsuit that will ignite your inner fire, making you feel bold and empowered.